Become a member of the FLAVORx Care Force today and join a community of kid-friendly, super-caring pharmacy professionals, just like you!

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Apply now to join the FLAVORx Care Force

What is the Care Force?

The FLAVORx Care Force is an exclusive program for retail pharmacy professionals who care about kids and are at the top of their customer service game. If being able to help kids get better makes your heart leap for joy, then this program is for you.

As a Care Force Captain, you’ll not only make your little patients healthy and their families happy- there's also plenty in store for you! After all, you deserve it.

Why Join the Care Force?

If you already do a great job with FLAVORx in your pharmacy, or are generally just an awesome advocate for your littlest patient’s health, then the Care Force is recognition for your hard work and dedication. If you want to do better with FLAVORx and think kid’s health should be more of a focus in your pharmacy, the Care Force will help you get there.

As a Care Force Captain, you are a champion for your youngest patients' health, ensuring they, and their parents, have a better time getting better.

Here’s How it Works:

When you enroll in the FLAVORx Care Force, you’ll get a welcome package full of awesome goodies we know you’ll just love, including:

  • A Care Force tumbler
  • A Care Force mouse pad
  • A Care Force t-shirt
  • A Care Force pendant
  • An awesome box

You’ll also receive the very best tools to help you and your pharmacy team promote the FLAVORx service to your customers. This toolkit includes:

  • Flavor Wheels
  • Recipe Books
  • Menu pads
  • Tent signs
  • Lollipops and more

As a FLAVORx Care Force Captain you have the power to advance children’s wellness in your community. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to more effectively utilize the flavoring service in your pharmacy and be a great advocate for your youngest patients’ health.

The Care Force is also designed to be fun and interactive, so there will be activities, challenges, and chances to win prizes throughout the year.

Community is also hugely important. With the Care Force you’ll be joining a group of like-minded professionals who care about kid’s health just as much as you. This is a dynamic program meant for dynamic people!

So… think you have what it takes? Please fill out the enrollment form on this page to apply to be a member of the FLAVORx Care Force.

Here's what some of our Care Force Captains say!

" Im a very family oriented person myself and hate seeing sick kiddos and worried parents at the pharmacy. I have always tried to do something (anything) extra no matter how small to show families we care about them. Flavoring meds for littles is an easy way to make their lives a little easier when they get home. ❤️ -12 year retail veteran! ❤ "

-Meghan B.

"I think it is cool to network with like minded people who want to bring their best to their patients. I believe that what we do matters."

-George S.

"I have a passion for helping all my customers and the kiddos have a special place in my heart. I love the option to offer flavors! To see excitement on a sick child's face is priceless. If I can make them feel better, even if just for a brief moment, it makes my day! I love what FlavorRx brings to the table for our pharmacy"

-Cindy L.

Apply now to join the FLAVORx Care Force